Halfling Thief

Name: Gambit Race: Halfling Class: Thief Level: 1 Alignment: TN
Sex: Male Age: 34 Height: 3’0" Weight: 58 lbs. Hair: Brown Eyes: Red with Revenge
Patron God: Delneb Anointed: No Handedness: Right


STR: 4/01
INT: 6/65
WIS: 12/00
DEX: 16/60
CON: 16/17
LKS: 5/74
CHA: 7/10
HON: 4

HP: 23


14% Acting
12% Climbing
15% Cooking
09% Disarm Trap
17% Disguise
08% Distraction
15% Escape Artist
15% Gambling
11% Glean Information
09% Hiding
23% Identify Trap
19% Listening
16% Lockpicking
27$ Pick Pocket
16% Reading Lips
26% Sneaking
08% Trap Design


In his early years, Gambit had no idea that he would end up following in his own fathers footsteps by becoming an adventurer. His father was a skilled cleric and healer and became well known amongst explorers as “Little Spark”—a nickname given to him by his uncanny ability to channel the energy of the gods into light and flame. It wasn’t until years later, towards the decline of his adventuring career, that Gambit’s father and the family’s reputation took a turn for the worse.

Before Gambit’s birth, his father had built up a considerable debt. His adventuring lifestyle and late nights with various women soon left his purse empty. With a son on the way, he had no choice but to turn to Biggie Rombler, crimeboss of Welpremond Downs.

Rombler set Gambit’s family on a path of drug dealing, smuggling, and bootlegging. In time, the gods that Gambit’s father once knew so well deserted him. In a cry of passion, he cried out for help to a new god—the identity of which still remains a mystery. Gambit’s family soon became enslaved by this dark lord with all of the children in his clutches. Gambit though, had other plans.

Resisting the corruption of the dark presence, Gambit could see the horrors that worshipping him brought. Gambit denounced the family religion and left the temples, the crime, and the drugs behind. While saying his final goodbyes to the friends he had left, his eldery grandmother shared something with him that has stuck to him this day.

“You are a champion of a god Gambit,” she whispered.

“Which one?” visions of being chained to the dark god of his family racked his mind.

“I don’t know youngling, but be ever vigilant, for the one calls you is the … "

With that, his grandmother uttered her final worlds and departed the physical realm.

It was with much caution and deftly use of his nimbleness that Gambit departed the Welpremond Downs. Delneb surely graced his path, for making his way South to the human settlements was no easy task. Now Gambit searches the countryside for his true calling… the champion of an unknown god.


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