Grimfayne Kezalden

Dwarven Cleric of Melnador

Name: Grimfayne Kezalden Race: Dwarf Class: Cleric Level: 1 Alignment: CG
Sex: Male Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
Patron God: Melnador Anointed: Yes Handedness:


STR: 8/46
INT: 13/11
WIS: 13/08
DEX: 10/04
CON: 21/03
LKS: 3/00
CHA: 5/33
HON: 4

HP: 37


14% Mining
23% Religion


Born in the slave pits of the Drow, Grimfayne’s life has been one of challenge and hardship. Forced to mine in the NetherDeep, Grimfayne learned of the history of his dwarven herritage from his fellow slaves, most of which were of dwarven and halfling ancestry.

As a child, Grimfayne was unloved and unwelcomed by his mother. Seen as a burden as just another mouth to feed in the harsh life of the pits, Grimfayne learned to survive on his own from a very early age.

Many years into his servitude, an unusually large halfling was introduced into the pits. This halfling had an uncanny ability to work long hours and was able to sustain many beatings at the hands of the drow oppressors. Identifying himself as Revvy, this hobbit was introduced into the pits by the slavers on the surface world. He came into the pits already bearing the brandings of the slave lords across his back. Revvy took a keen interest in Grimfayne, and taught him the ways of bearing the whip. Occasionally Revvy would alude to a grand destiny that awaited Grimfayne when his life as a slave would end—that he was too important to be kept in a mine.

It wasn’t long before Grimfayne was cast out from the dwarven community of slaves within the pits. Finding solace only with the halfling quarter and the small human contingent of slaves their. The dwarves looked at Grimfayne suspiciously and taught him little of his dwarvish heritage. It was during these years that Grimfayne suffered most under the hateful whip of Sarlak—a human from the surface world that the drow revered. Sarlak always wore black coal on his face and his eyes burned with hate as he routinly punished Grimfayne for the errors of others. Most of the scars that little Grimfayne’s body and face are at the hands of Sarlak. Occasionaly Sarlak would remove his mailed gloves to expose a hand that was gnarled and raw. He would beat the women and children slaves with this weakened hand, sometimes stealing them away to his private quarters and exposing them to all sorts of evil in the shadows. Grimfayne once saw his own sister carried away by Sarlak.

Once a year Sarlak and the drow would round up every slave that attempted escape that year publicly eviscerate them. Man, woman, or child did not matter. Whole still alive, the evisceration would begin with the careful removal of the slaves heart. The organ was then offered as a sacrifice to a god bearing the name of Vlemn. Grimfayne still has nightmares about this dread name and the wicked ceremonies attached to it.

Shortly before reaching adulthood, Revvy introduced Grimfayne to one of the human slaves in the pits. This slave was known amongst the others as a priest of Melnador, the god of liberation. As a servant of Melnador, Relin taught Grimfayne about the ways of the Face of the Free, as his followers are called. Grimfayne learned that unlike other gods, Melnador does not demand the sacrifice of money or wealth. Instead the Inducer of Independence demands as a sacrifice broken chains from freed slaves and that for every slave freed, Grimfayne should attach a black feather onto his robes.

The worship of Melnador was done in secret on the days that the slaves guessed to be the evenings of the full moon. They knew that should their worship of the Free Soul be discovered by their masters, that they would suffer horribly under the pains of the whip.

Unfortunately for Grimfayne, the drow were uncanny in their ability to detect the goings on of the slaves in the pits. Soon, Grimfaynes worship of Melnador was discovered. Grimfayne was taken to the Rock of Despair and chained to it. This rock, which hung over the underground lake in the center of the mines was often a place for disobedient slaves to be put on public display. Here Grimfayne was stabbed, torn, beaten, whiped, and mauled by Sarlak in hopes that he would betray his fellow slaves and speak of the priest of Melnador that hides amongst them. Grimfayme remained steadfast and never once spoke the name of his mentor. In frustration, Sarlack release the Rock of Despair and it crashed into the ice cold waters of the lake. Grimfayne accepted that he was life was over and as the Rock fell, he gave his soul in forfeit to the only god he knew. To Melnador, the Liberator.

Grimfayne awoke on the shores of a river, in the sacred realm of the gods he thought, for the light here was blinding and the air around him warm. The scent of life surrounded him. It some time to realize that Grimfayne was instead in the mortal realm, but unlike the world he grew up in, Grimfayne was on the surface world. Still bearing the shackles of his masters and the brand upon his back, Grimfayne managed to find his way to a small settlement of humans where he found that his kind was not exactly welcome.

Grimfayne Kezalden

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