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  • Starting Honor Modifier

    The Looks Starting Honor Modifier combines with the [[Charisma]] Starting Honor Modifier. It indicates the number to be added to the character’s starting [[Honor]]. Like it or not, physical beauty and [[Charisma]] affect how people are viewed by society.

  • Charisma

    Charisma (Cha) defines your character’s charm, wit, personal influence and leadership ability. It is not a measure of beauty but rather of personal magnetism and thus is affected by [[Looks]]. Charisma also affects a character’s [[Honor]]. Can he …

  • Charisma BP Bonus

    These bonus BPs are a one-time bonus received at character creation. The BP Bonus may only be used on skills with [[Charisma]] as the sole relevant ability.

  • Turning Modifier

    This modifier (either a penalty or bonus) is applied to any rolls a cleric makes when attempting to Turn and Command Undead creatures. There are mechanics governing [[Turning and Commanding Undead]].

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